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India Audio Programme

India, Audio program

To greet someone, say ‘annyong haseyo’and bow

Korea, Business, Greetings, Visiting people

Avoid touching or passing things over someone’s head

India, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Insults, Public transportation

Be sure to use your chopsticks correctly

Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Business, Table manners

Use the namaste sign to say hello, goodbye, and to show respect

India, Business, Greetings, Visiting people

Do bring the right kind of gift

China, Business, Gifts, Visiting people

Wiggling the head can mean ‘yes’, ‘no’ or anything in between

India, Body Language, Thailand, Business

Thailand Audio Programme

Thailand, Audio program

Count to 10 using only one hand

Body Language, China

Korea Audio Programme

Korea, Audio program

If you pass something to someone else, use both hands

Body Language, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Insults

Follow the correct rules when exchanging business cards

Japan, Korea, China, Business

Vietnam Audio Programme

Vietnam, Audio program

People of the same sex often walk arm in arm or hand in hand

India, Body Language, Vietnam, Miscellaneous

Japan Audio Programme

Japan, Audio program

Wash and rinse yourself before entering a public bath and avoid showing...

Japan, Insults

Don’t reveal the soles of your feet to other people

India, Body Language, Thailand, Vietnam, Insults

China Audio Program

China, Audio program

In restaurants and bars, avoid dividing the bill and don’t hang around...

Vietnam, Bar Culture, Business, Table manners

Mind the automatic taxi door and do bring the address written in local...

Japan, Business, Public transportation

Avoid strong eye contact

India, Body Language, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Business, Insults

Avoid laughing out loud in public

Body Language, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Insults

Everyone’s age advances at New Year

Korea, Vietnam, Miscellaneous

Don’t write a person’s name in red

Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Business, Insults

Don’t compliment babies or touch offerings to the gods

India, Thailand, Insults

Dress appropriately to avoid offending people

India, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Insults

Be sure to behave correctly in the presence of a monk

Thailand, Vietnam, Insults

Tap three fingers on the table to say thank you for tea

Body Language, China, Business, Table manners

The first visitor of the New Year determines your fortune for the whole...

Vietnam, Visiting people

Knock on the door to show that your toilet is occupied

Japan, Korea, Miscellaneous

Speak respectfully about the King and Queen and be still when hearing...

Body Language, Thailand, Business

Lower your glass as a sign of respect

Japan, Korea, China, Business, Table manners

Greet different people with different gestures

Vietnam, Business, Greetings, Visiting people

To greet people, to say ‘thank you’ or to show respect, make the wai...

Thailand, Business, Greetings, Visiting people

In crowded transport, people sitting down hold the bags of people...

Korea, Thailand, Public transportation

Use only your right hand for eating, giving and receiving things

India, Body Language, Business, Insults, Table manners

Save ‘face’ and smile no matter how you feel!

India, Body Language, Japan, Vietnam, Business, Insults

Bow to say ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’ and even ‘thank you’

Japan, Business, Greetings, Visiting people

To say hello, shake hands and say ni hao

China, Business, Greetings, Visiting people

Don’t step over people lying down

India, Thailand, Vietnam, Insults

Each day of the week is associated with a specific colour of clothing

Thailand, Miscellaneous

People avoid saying no

India, Body Language, Japan, China, Thailand, Business